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Our charming, Victorian-styled suites each feature private bath, kitchen, dining and living rooms. The perfect place to gather with friends and family during your stay!

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Located in historic Xenia, OH, The Nesbitt House is central to many restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and shopping!


The Nesbitt House is dedicated to your safety and security. You will receive a key code upon your arrival.


We provide guests with all the essentials for their stay including hair dryers, towels, soaps, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, laundry detergent, Wifi, and cable. 


Built in 1875 by the influential Nesbitt family, the house has evolved along with the town around it. Originally a single family home, the house has also been used as a boarding house to generate income for the Nesbitt women.


The Nesbitt House is a short walk, or bike ride to downtown Xenia, and a short drive to many other attractions!

Suite #136

Suite #136 is beautifully decorated with antique furnishings and elegant decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The suite also features a cozy sitting area and a comfortable queen-sized bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. Guests can enjoy their morning coffee in the charming private dining room. Complete with a piano, the living room is the perfect spot to entertain family and friends during your stay.

Suite #144

With the character and charm of The Nesbitt House, combined with the modern amenities and conveniences, our luxurious Suite #144 is perfect for a private, relaxing getaway. The bedroom features a queen bed, vanity, and tv, while the private living room has the best spot ro relax with a good book. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal to enjoy in your dining room.


This house is stunning!!!! You can feel the history as soon as you walk through the doors, I had the opportunity to stay in this historical masterpiece last weekend and it was breathtaking!! Nestled on a quiet street… my wife and I had coffee on the porch and talked about what amazing stories must have been told throughout the years on that porch.If you are ever in Xenia,OH and your looking for somewhere quiet and cozy I would recommend you look no further than the Nesbitt house!!!! Simply Amazing!!!”       
– RedeemedMuzic on Facebook
Love this old house so much! Both the inside and the outside are telling the stories of restoring the old as the old. Every detail(the porch, the windows, the furnitures, the lamps and lanterns, the pictures, the furnace, the piano, the handmade beddings, and all those antique stuffs we need to go online to find what they are) is telling the stories of the past 148 years. A feeling of living in history is one of the best experiences we had in the 3 days we stayed there. What impressed us even more is, the house offered us modern comfort too! Lying in the antique bed with a comfortable modern mattress had been such a nice surprise to us!
-Rita Li
Last week while working in Xenia, I had the privilege to get a tour of this beautiful gem 💎. These pictures don’t do it Justice, all the labor of love to restore this historical home and over 5 year project that is almost finished.  Can you imagine restoring 10,000 square feet … that’s incredible !!!!!!  They have turned it into 2 long term rentals/apts. and the other 2 are B&B’s.   If you are looking 👀 for a place to stay or have friends & family looking 👀 this is in a great location.  And Xenia has several more new businesses getting ready to open for you to enjoy during your stay.  PS .. if your a bicyclist 🚴‍♀️ this is perfect for the bike hub & trail. If breweries are your thing, they have that too 😉 Thank you John Zeller (who also is an insurance agent & friend) for the tour 🙌It’s absolutely stunning 🤩
Kim Bilbrey
“I personally know these two gentlemen and let me just say this they are the most honest and real people you will ever encounter in life. Myself and my wife have stayed in one of the units and it was honestly a very grand experience just all the history in this property is totally astonishing. Will definitely be booking another stay very soon hopefully! John Zeller and Charlie Burton are awesome to say the least.”
-Chad Abbott