Nesbitt House Hospitality

Nesbitt House History

The Nesbitt House was built in 1875, originally as a single-family home for Edward Nesbitt, Sarah Drees Nesbitt, and their children. The home was built with inspiration from the Queen Anne and Eastlake Victorian styles.

Edward Nesbitt and Sarah Dress both came from influential families in Xenia’s early history. Edward was the son of Capt. Benoni Nesbitt Esq. and Rachel Crosby. Benoni Nesbitt came to Xenia with his parents in 1814-1815. He became a merchant in town before being admitted to the bar in Springfield in 1845. Benoni also held various public offices and in 1864 was commissioned by President Lincoln as a Captain of Cavalry.

Sarah Drees was the daughter of Tobias Drees and Maria Hypes Drees. Tobias came to Xenia in 1842 and worked as a builder and contractor. Many of the homes and buildings in Xenia were constructed under Tobias’ leadership. It is thought that he had the Nesbitt House built for his daughter after her marriage to Edward Nesbitt.

Unfortunately, Edward only lived 17 years after the home was built. After his death, Sarah moved across the street to her parents’ house, where she lived with her mother. She converted the Nesbitt House into apartments and began to rent them out.

Sarah did not stop at the Nesbitt House, she purchased several other building in downtown Xenia and rented them as stores or offices. You may recognize this same ambition in the Nesbitt House’s new owners, John and Charles.